Here’s the good news… you can change your beliefs!


At a certain level, the game of golf goes into the mental realm — beyond how wide your stance is and what brand of clubs you are using.  Your thoughts affect your body — and the slightest anxiety can be the difference between a birdie and a bogie. 


At every level of skill, there are a number of limiting beliefs you might have that cause that anxiety:


“I’ll never really be good…”


“It would be bad if I beat this person…”


“If I make this shot, how will I justify not turning pro…?”


Golf Beyond Belief offers resources for expanding what is possible for you in terms of your level of play as well as your enjoyment of the game.  Not by teaching you yet another putting technique, but by modifying your beliefs and removing the internal blocks to success and fun.  Unless you clear those, any training you take will yield limited results.  For real growth, you need to let go of your limiting beliefs.


The primary tools used are Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and hypnosis.  The benefits of this work will have long range effects that will be apparent both on and off the course. 


Call Brad Yates today to discuss how you can take your golf game to the next level … beyond what you currently believe is possible.

No matter how much experience you have…


No matter how many lessons you have taken…


No matter how much you want to succeed…


You will never play better than you believe is possible.

Brad Yates

Phone: 916-729-0347


“After a session with Brad, I went out and played the easiest and most enjoyable 64 of my life.”


 - B.T.—pro golfer

Imagine playing the best game of your life...  You are in the moment, undisturbed by your partners habits, or the slow-as-molasses foursome just ahead of you, or any of the other little distractions that used take away from the joy of playing golf (including past bad shots).  Each time you approach the ball, you do so with calm confidence.  Every stroke feels right - and you do this consistently.


Hard to believe…?

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