Who else wants a simple but powerful way to get the winning edge…?


Lots of teleseminars are out there promising to give you more – and I’m here to offer you less…


Less stress…

Less yips…

Less strokes on your score card…

(okay – grammatically that should be “fewer” – but I was on a roll…)


Of course, you’ll also get more  -  more enjoyment of the game!


EFT is proving to be the secret weapon of a growing number of golfers.  I’m here to help you add this tool to your arsenal.


Golf Beyond Belief! – The Teleseminar

(Or, as one participant called it: 'How to become the Fastest Improving Golfer in the World')


“Thank you for doing this seminar! Listened to it yesterday before I went out to practice...it was great! Only dropped one shot in 6 holes! Have just changed from pitching to the green to chipping for summer...it's working! Listened to it again today...and I find my brain actually uses some of the words you use as a metaphor for other things. Rather fun...It was very good. I'm sure they all will benefit. Loved the hypnotic finale.! I won a gold medal in our South Island Masters ..what a wicked weapon EFT is!  I EFT my way round the golf course heaps...how do people manage without it!?!”

Sally G..


You can now download this teleseminar for only $21.  Click here:


EFT for Golf Teleseminar  


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Invite your golfing buddies to purchase this recording as well (unless you play them for money, in which case you may want to maintain the competitive edge…)



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Michelangelo said of his David that the statue was already there—perfect—inside the marble, and all he had to do was chip away the parts that didn’t belong.  This is true of the magnificent golfer inside you—and we are tapping away the parts that don’t belong.


Funny—there’s a couple of similarities between David and the inventor of golf… both were shepherds, and both got their claim to fame with the launch of a small stone… :)

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