Since its discovery, EFT has been used for relief from numerous issues, both physical and emotional.  Early on, people recognized its potential as a tool for sports enhancement — particularly in the game of golf.  Here is one of the examples from EFT founder Gary Craig’s website:


A golf study by Jack Rowe


I have been working with golfers and bowlers the last couple of months. I'm still gathering data, but I thought I'd share what I've seen so far. For golfers, I will meet a group on the driving range or putting green. They warm up and hit 15 shots, rating each shot on a 0 - 10 scale with 10 being perfect. These ratings are recorded. I then teach them the EFT combined/shortcut sequence, ie., eyebrow through under arm while saying, "Even though I ______, I deeply and completely accept myself." The _____ is whatever the golfer thinks will prevent him/her from hitting a perfect shot. The golfers then hit 15 more shots and we record the ratings as before. The "before" and "after" results are then compared. With 32 golfers the combined results are:

EFT and Golf

Note: The numbers don't exactly equal 15 shots per golfer before and after. The first time I did this, 3 of the golfers insisted that they only needed 12 shots to see if there was an effect. I have "recorders" record the ratings so the golfers don't have to stop after each shot and write down their rating. A couple of recorders got lost and didn't count the shots correctly. There were a couple of times that the golfers hit more than 15 shots. I now have recording sheets that help prevent that error.


I gave up on statistics in my 3rd year of grad school, but these results look highly significant to me.


Some observations: Golfers with handicaps less than 11 (that is, good golfers) tend to see (and feel) immediate improvement in their shots. Golfers with handicaps greater than 10 may not see immediate improvement. The explanation of this from the pros is that the low handicap golfers have all the basics down and are limited by their mental game. EFT improves the mental game. Golfers with higher handicaps have some flaws in their form and are limited more by their technique rather than their mental game. They may or may not see an improvement. I have seen a similar phenomenon in bowling. This observation is preliminary and may not hold up with larger numbers of participants.


Some of the more honest golfers have told me that they will not tell others about their "secret weapon." They want to reap the benefits of their improvement before others find out about EFT!






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