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EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques™)

This is a wonderful technique for removing the negative emotions that limit our success. Using this technique, you can gain the emotional freedom to truly pursue being, doing and having what you really want in life.

EFT is a meridian-based energy therapy developed by Gary Craig from the landmark discoveries of Dr. Roger Callahan. It is a simple technique that often provides rapid relief from physical-emotional issues (e.g. Trauma, PTSD, Phobias, Grief, Anger, Guilt, Anxiety, Addictive Cravings, Nightmares, Abandonment, Fear of Public Speaking, Fear of Flying, Love Pain, Depression, Pain, Headaches and much more). What follows is a brief introduction to this remarkable technique. For further information, including the EFT Manual and case-histories, please visit Gary Craig's

Important note: While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage. Neither Gary Craig nor Brad Yates are licensed health practitioners, and certain issues should be addressed by such professionals. You must take complete responsibility for your physical and emotional well-being,
and you must agree to hold harmless anyone involved with EFT from any claims made by anyone whom you seek to help with EFT.


How to do EFT:

Think of some issue that is troubling you and give it a simple name
(fear of missing the shot, headache, anger at Bob, stiff neck, inability to take action, etc.) - this will be your Reminder Phrase. Rate your discomfort on a scale of 0-10 so that you can monitor your progress with each issue.

1. The Setup: While continuously tapping the Karate Chop point, repeat this affirmation three times: "Even though I have this ____ (fear, pain, issue with Bob, etc.), I deeply and completely accept myself."

2. The Sequence: Tap between 5 and 10 times on each of the following energy points while repeating the Reminder Phrase at each point:

This is the Basic Recipe of EFT. To experience the more advanced version of EFT that I use with clients, check out eTappings.

Crown: "(This issue)."

Eyebrow: "(This issue)."

Side of eye:
"(This issue)."

Under eye:
"(This issue)."

Under nose:
"(This issue)."

"(This issue)."

"(This issue)."

Under arm:
"(This issue)."

3. Take a deep cleansing breath.

Now, check in with your body, and see if there is any remaining discomfort--then rate that again on a scale of 0-10. Repeat this process until significant relief is gained - preferably bringing the discomfort down to a zero. It is very likely that you may feel clear about the specific issue you were focusing on, but it may have brought up another issue. In subsequent rounds the Setup affirmation and the Reminder Phrase are adjusted to new wording, if appropriate, or to reflect that you are addressing the remaining problem: "Even tough I still have this ______ (issue)."

Suggestions: Tapping is generally done with two fingers. You can tap on either side of the body, with either hand. For the collar bone point, find the place where your collar bones almost meet at the top of your chest and tap that area with a fist.

After you've looked over this diagram, click here to be guided by audio through the process:

To read a study on the effectiveness of tapping in the relief of stress and anxiety, click here.

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